Rules and Regulations

Here are Rules and Regulations of our School

School Rules

1. Strict discipline, good manners and hard working involvement is followed in the school. Hence, complete and sincere adherence to the school rules is expected from students individually and collectively.
2. The students are not allowed to bring any fashionable or expensive personal belongings to the school as only graceful simplicity is encouraged. School will assume no responsibility for loss of such articles. Students carrying them will also be liable to punishment.
3. Good habit of health, manners and social conduct are strictly enforced in the school. Defaulters on personal health and hygiene and uncivilized behavior will be liable to expulsion from the school.
4. The school gives utmost importance to punctuality, regularity and sincerity, while grooming the personality of the student.

Rules for Attendance

1. Minimum 75% aggregate attendance in the academic year is compulsory for being allowed to appear in the final of school and Board examination.
2. Attendance is counted from the day of opening of the school and is checked twice daily.
3. A student found absent in any period without prior information will lose attendance for the day.
4. Leave of any account will be marked as absence. No relaxation of any kind will be given to students if his/ her attendance is less than 75%.


1. Attending the school in proper and prescribed uniform is compulsory.
2. The school uniform must be kept in the tip top condition and must be worn with the sense of smart dressing, shabby, untidy and out of pattern wearing will make students liable to punishment.
3. On Wednesday and Saturday House Wise uniform must be worn by the students.
4. Short, well trimmed and neatly combed hair for the boys and simply set, clippedand ribboned hair for girls. Clean teeth, eyes, ears and properly prepared nails are a part of school dressing and students will be regularly checked for these and defaulters will be warned and penaltilized.

Leave of Absence

1. Leave will be granted only against a written application duly endorsed by parents/guardians, specifying a genuine reason. Leave should be taken in advance (Except in case of unforeseen circumstances).
2. Sick leave for more than three days must be supported with a proper medical certificate form on attending doctor.
3. Half day leave is notgranted in any case. Late arrivals and early departures under a written request, endorsed by parents, will be allowed only in exceptional cases.
4. Unsanctioned leave will be fined @Rs. 5 per day.However, continuous absence from the school for eight days will be the sufficient reason to take strict action and strike the student’s name off the roll.
5. Student suffering from any infectious disease must complete the quarantine period before rejoining the school and his/her medical fitness must be supported by attending the registered doctor’s certificate.
6. The student will not be permitted to leave the school premises on any pretext, once he/ she has entered the school. He/ she will be permitted to leave the school when the school gets over at its scheduled time.

Educational Environment

The school firmly believes that textual studies are only a part of full development of a child and therefore, provides a spectrum of in-house activities and support services. The school encourages and expects each students to be actively involved in some of them obligatory and in others, according to his/her aptitude and inclination. 1. House system: – The school has established four houses among which the entire student population is distributed. The houses have the house staff and captain and believe in delegating responsibilities among members to develop a sense of responsibility, a spirit of healthy competition and an atmosphere of friendly maturity.
2. Co Curriculumn activities:- Besides, a score of co curricular activities, some of which are mentioned below are organized regularly.
Music and dance Dramatics
Drawing and Painting Arts, crafts and hand work
Debating, locution and Oratory Quiz Programmes
Creative writing and wall magazine Scout and Guides
Athletics Science Club
Environment Awareness
Exhibitions and contests of various kinds.
The school regularly sponsors its students to various local, state, regional and national level events and the school has as enviable track record of award winning performances.
The school also arranges excursions and educational tours from time to time for students. Only the Principal is authorized to grant exemption from these excursions and tours on request from parents in genuine circumstances.
C Merit Cards:- Merit cards are given to deserving students as a token of appreciation excellent behavior, co operation, service, persevering efforts and remarkable achievements.
Medical Examinations:- Regular medical examinations are arranged by the school and a health card for information and necessary action is maintained.

Interaction with Parents/ Guardians

The school believes in fostering close, co operative and involved relationship with parents/ guardians and therefore provides a multiplier system for interaction with them.
1. Meeting with the Principal:- parents are requested to meet the principal only between 12:00 PM and 2:00 Noon. Else must take prior appointment if they have a point to discuss. It is expected that the parents and guardians will honour the Principal’s advice and will act upon it.
2. Parents are requested to visit during the fixed PTM hours. The reports are only shown to them during the PTM hours.
3. Special Events:- The school endeavors to conduct a few formal and socializing events where parents’ and guardians’ active involvement becomes extremely fruitful.
4. Special Requests:- Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to:-
5. Provide guidance, encouragement, opportunity and examples of refined habits, diligence and character for the mental growth of their children.
6. Co-operate in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their children prepare their lessons, do their homework and attend the school punctually and regularly.
7. Check the diary personally everyday, note the remarks and observations made by the teachers, Principal or any staff member of the school and sign them.
8. Meet the concerned teacher or Principal if so requested promptly and clarify an observation made in the diary.
9. Parents will not request to meet the teachers of the school during the school hours without prior permission of the Principal and will not also insist meeting their child during the school hours.
10. To make a point in appreciation or criticism of the school or its teachers or to discuss about the teacher’s teaching methodology. They meet the concerned teacher during 15 minutes after the school over time by informing Principal one day prior written information.
11. Acknowledge and honour promptly all circulars, invitations and other directions sent to them and comply with the instructions and requests contained in them.
12. Ensure that the students do not carry with them any valuable articles or any objectionable materials to the school.
13. Regard themselves as a contribution maker in the young person’s total education by making valuable suggestions in the spirit of unity of objective.
14. Parents will respect and honour the school rules and regulations, specified and mentioned in the diary. School expects that theywill extend their full cooperation and assistance to maintain the decorum of school which will deepen the bond and strengthen the cordial relation between the two.

Administrative Regulations

There will be only two instalments of clearance of the school fee during session.
1. First Instalment:- At the time of admission
2. Second Instalment:- Between 15 to 30 Sept.
*Note:- First instalment must be fully cleared at the time of admission. In case of due, ward’s admission will not be endorsed. Clearance of first instalment makes the ward’s admission confirm and clear enrollment.
In case of delayed payment, a fine of Rs. 20/-per day will be charged strictly.
1. School Library:- Well stocked school library has been established and further extended and expanded. Students are encouraged to borrow books from library regulations. Any book lost or damaged will have to be compensated.
2. All Clearance:- Students will have to clear all dues and return all books and articles borrowed from any unit of the school before being given clearance or transfer from the school.

Internal Discipline

1. Perfect behaviour will be expected from each students, within and without the class rooms and in any location of the school campus. Punctuality, polished behavior, polite presentation, highest sense of cleanliness and sociability will be considered as points of eligibility to study in the school.
2. Preservation of school property and its environment: Students will be required to show a sense of deep loyalty towards the protection of school properties and well maintained discipline inside the class rooms, corridors, facility rooms as well as in the open areas. Damaging, disfiguring and dirtying any area of the school premises will be taken as a serious offence and not only the involved students and their guardians will be called upon to pay damage but such defaulters will be liable to be expelled from school.
3. Cutting classes and lobbying will be another grave offence inviting structure. Use of indecent language, undignifying postures and objectionable observations and including into any nefarious activity will find no excuse.
4. Dismal and Expulsion:- The school shall show no charity and mercy towards the student charged with gross insubordination, immoral behavior and whose conduct is likely to be harmful to other students of th school and who show no will to improve and remain indifferent despite cautionary advice. In such cases, the school reserves the irrevocable right of dismissal.
5. Use of School Services:- Students are not allowed to use the school telephone without prior permission. They will not be called to answer phone calls during study hours under exceptional circumstances.
6. Non Permitted Activities:- Any kind of collection, bonafide or otherwise, without specifying permission, any beyond the text reading, tape or video and group chatting or merry making slogans, shouting will never be permitted in the school campus.

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