Sarvoday Kids Convent School is located in Pratapgarh Rajasthan. Sarvoday Kids Convent School is an amazing place for your kids for learning and growing. SKCS has magnificent environment for kids to learn. We believes that education is a major factor in preparing all students for productive lives. Emphasis is placed on the development of attitudes and skills necessary for adapting to a changing society. SKCS is working with latest technologies so that each and every child grow with today’s technological environment. The school Programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of each child and to provide a firm foundation of academic skills, work habits and attitudes preparing for success in university education and a productive, purposeful life. We are filling Indian culture and education to our wards. SKCS is a complete place for your children to be a responsible person of India.


Our mission is to place Indian culture in our future persons of India. We are trying our best to enable, encourage and endow student to initiate the life long pursuit of learning by providing a safe, nurturing, enjoyable culturally fruitful and stimulation environment. We are committed to instill in each student the values needed to holistically grow and develop in baby, mind and soul. We large strong bonds with parents thus enhancing balance in the development process of each student.


We are creating a positive, polite and responsible environment for our children so that they can build our country with honor and pride. Our goal is to teach each and every child of our school in environment of self discipline, self encouragement and self esteem.

Affiliation Details

School Details

School Name: Sarvoday Kids Convent School;
School Code: 16284;

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Affiliation Details

Code: 1730440;
Validity: 2010 to 2018;
Status: Provisional;

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Principal Details

Name: Mr. Pankaj Purohit;
Contact Number: 8107464224;
Email Id: pnkjpurohit199@gmail.com;

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Sarvoday Kids’ Convent Sec. School, Opp.Indian Oil Depot, Banswara Road, Pratapgarh (Rajasthan), PIN CODE: 312605

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